Kristian Porthill – Speaker Requirements

To ensure the success of your event, participants please ensure the following requirements are met. Please let us know well in advance if you are unable to meet any of the below specifications. Thank you in advance.

Contact details

  • Contact mobile phone: +61 438 367 866
  • Email address:

Prior to the event

We will meet with you (via phone, skype or face to face) to discuss the key themes and content you require for the event. From the conversation we will send all the material needed for the event via email including a customised version of the presentation in Powerpoint for your AV team to load and test if appropriate.

Room Requirements


Please advise whether the projector is letterbox (4:3) or widescreen (16:9) so that we are able to make the most of the available technology. If you require me to provide a projector please advise.


Microphone: Kristian requires free movement across the stage and full use of both hands. A lapel, lavaliere or headset microphone is required.

Podium / sound desk: If we are using own computer to drive the presentation there must be power (240V, securely fixed/taped), a projector input (VGA style) and an audio input (3.5mm stereo jack) at the podium.

Stage & Lighting

I am flexible and open to working in all conditions. Meaning outdoor/indoor, stage or no stage, podium or no podium. I am very comfortable working without a podium.


Please ensure there is no alcohol service during the presentation or question and answer time. This includes serving and plate clearing. Please ensure the bar is not open during the presentation.

Travel and Accommodation

Airline Travel

All airline travel will be in addition to the expense of the presentation. (Negotiable upon discussion)

Ground Transfers

We will book ground transfers ensure we arrive on-time and fresh. The cost of these will be added to the invoice.


When required to stay overnight for your event we require our own room in a minimum 4-star hotel.

At the event

Arrival / Departure

Kristian will arrive approximately 45-60 minutes early to perform an AV check, meet the event organiser and familiarise himself with the room and audience.

We always endeavor to stay behind and talk to delegates and attendees.

The exact arrival and departure times will be agreed with the organiser and are dependent on external factors such as conference timetable, flights and the like.


Prior to and during the presentation we require access to fresh, bottled water.

We can bring:

Backup computer – Hp laptop with power, VGA adaptor and PowerPoint 2011

Microphone – ….

Remote Clicker

Small speakers – suitable only for very intimate events (up to 20 people)

Backup memory stick – Kristian’s presentation will be pre-loaded onto a Windows compatible memory stick

Audio / Video Recording

The recording of the presentation is forbidden without the prior, written consent of Kristian Porthill.