Why this? Proven timeless concepts and training principles that the VIKING used to win over the World are just applicable to success in your business!

Why me? My achievements as a VIKING in CONQUERING the World six times through in depth knowledge of anatomy, fitness, physiology and battle make me an EXPERT at WINNING in ALL aspects of life!

Why now? In these times of a global community, nothing relates more to EVERYONE than the human body and its amazing abilities. Just as the VIKING’s introduced the world to revolutionary ways of exploration and commerce, let the VIKING show you how to achieve BOTH physical greatness, and long standing change in whatever field you desire!

Great changes are a result of great people

Are you looking to take your employees performance to the next level? Are you looking for the wow factor at your next client presentation? How can you make your workforce a true force for success?

Affectionately known as the Viking, Kristian has solidified himself in Australia’s fitness and physique world as an official legend. A gifted speaker and admired role model, Kristian delivers on topics such as personal success, the importance of self-discipline, setting and achieving goals and never giving up.

Kristian shows world class consistency and has been delivering inspirational words and messages for over 10 years, fast becoming one of Australia’s most successful speakers. With his background in health and fitness, working with Australia’s Biggest loser contestants, as well as personally winning both Mr Universe and Mr World, Kristian has overcome many obstacles to become the best in the world. In fact Kristian’s success has secured him a place in the Australian hall of fame as a bodybuilding legend.

Kristian can work with you and your team to become not only the best, but the envy of your competition with his business/health and fitness concepts and ideas. Use Kristian for your next keynote and get your conference off to a great start.

Enquire about having Kristian be your guest speaker at your next event in Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney, Adelaide or Perth experience the power of one of Australia’s best corporate speakers.

Career Highlights


  • 1st WFF Mr International Class 1 and Overall
  • 1st WFF Mr Southern Hemisphere Class 1 and Overall
  • 1st WFF Mr Universe Superbody Under 35 and Overall
  • 1st WFF Mr Australia Class 1 and Overall
  • 1st WFF Mr World Superbody Under 35 and Overall


  • 1st NABBA Mr Victoria Class 1
  • 1st NABBA Mr Australia Class 1

Inaugural WFF Hall of Fame Australian Legend Award


  • 1st NABBA Mr International Class 1
  • 1st NABBA Mr Southern Hemisphere Class 1

About The Viking

Kristian Porthill entered his first bodybuilding competition in 2003,
as a novice and eventually won his first National Title 10 shows and 3 years later.

In 2009 he won the Mr International, Mr Australia, Mr Southern Hemisphere,
Mr World  and Mr Universe. The following year he was inducted into the Australian Hall of fame as Bodybuilding Legend. He has continued his winning streak with 9 shows undefeated.

  • Gifted Speaker

    He has been presenting for over 10 years working as a senior presenter with the Australian Institute of Fitness, the Australian Institute of Personal Trainers and now owner of his own personal training academy, World PT.

  • Respected and admired

    Respected and admired for his work ethic and indomitable self-belief, he has become one of Australia’s leading physique and fitness consultants, as a published author, owning his own Personal training academy and working with contestants from Australia’s Biggest Loser.

  • Discipline, consistency and commitment

    Kristian, AKA “the Viking”, was born in Norway and relocated to Australia in 1982. He wasn’t a very sporty child and was actually overweight and unpopular in his youth. It wasn’t until he began to lift weights that he started to take control of his life.

What others say about Kristian

Sam Cawthorne

Kris has a message that is inspiring and challenging. He uses his personal triumph to motivate and empower teams to see beyond their daily challenges to ignite passion & purpose into their daily activities. Couldn’t recommend him highly enough.

Sam CawthorneWorld renowned speaker and founder of The Institute for Professional Speakers
John Hurd

His inspiring keynote is relevant to any business and I would strongly recommend his services to any group needing an inspirational presentation which will involve and captivate an audience.

John HurdA.I.M.M
Nigel Miller

We were honoured to have Kristian Porthill as the Key Note speaker at our recent National Franchise Conference held at ANZ Stadium in Sydney. As part of this engagement Kristian opened the conference for us and our 80 Franchisees that were present, setting us up perfectly for the day with what was a motivating and informative session titled ‘The Ultimate Choice In Life’.

Kristian also opened our afternoon program with a second session titled ‘The Anatomy of a Successful Business’. Kristian’s presentations were both informative and engaging and provided our Franchisees with thought provoking insights and facts that have received exceptionally positive feedback from all in attendance.

A master at his craft, Kristian kept the audience both entertained and engaged throughout the sessions. Kristian also mixed with our Franchisees during the breaks during the day going above and beyond to ensure that we were provided with a great experience as a result of his engagement.

Nigel Miller Plus Fitness - Managing Director / Franchisor
George Manolis

A refreshing and inspirational corporate speaker that will change the way people think about motivation, well done Kris you truly are a legend.

George ManolisCEO and founder of Synergy For Success
Jon Davie

Working with Kristian, I have been very impressed by his professional approach. He not only adheres to the brief, but goes beyond in his presenting and coaching. I have found Kristian very inspirational at helping many people change their lives. His regular columns in Muscle Mag International are both entertaining and informative.

Jon DavieMuscle Mag International - Editor, World Gym Australia – Owner
Fabian Buhagiar

Kristian is a very dynamic and inspirational motivator. He has helped not only my team, but me personally to achieve great things, to go beyond my perceived limitations. His methods are unique and his knowledge is second to none. I would recommend Kristian to anyone looking to take their performance to the next level.

Fabian BuhagiarNeo Netwise – Director
Carol Berg

Ashburton Primary School would like to acknowledge your presentation at our Assembly. We were very impressed that your were able to speak so confidently to such a large group of students, teachers and parents.

Standing in front of 650 people is not easy but there was an excellent response to your motivational presentation. Teachers are now using the key ideas in their classrooms. Listening to the group of students who approached you after the talk demonstrated they were very engaged and wanted to find out more.

Carol BergStudent Wellbeing Coordinator, Ashburton Primary School